(pronounced ray-kee) soothes, relaxes and helps the body find its natural balance and rhythm.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is feeling stressed and needs to relax, wishes to enhance the effects of traditional medical treatments, chiropractic treatments, massage or physical therapy. Or is experiencing chronic pain or illness.

How does it work?
During a reiki session, you will lie on your back fully clothed. The reiki practitioner will move her hands around your body, without actually touching you.

What does it feel like?
Everyone experiences reiki energy differently.  Many clients say they feel like they are floating, some say they feel tingly all over, some say it’s very peaceful, calming and still. Some say it feels like a tranquilizer – only natural. All have come out of the service extremely relaxed and feeling energized at the same time in the best way!


30 Minute Reiki - $35

Ear Candling - $45

Includes both ears  

Natural Sedation Vacation - $135

Our most popular service includes a relaxation facial and an hour massage. 2 hours of bliss… and yes, you are worth it!